Difining ATN

ATN is the modern trade network for the Armenian entrepreneurs, it aims to act as a Armenian Global Chamber of Commerce joining business communities in various parts of the world by creating a forum for member organizations (i.e. local chambers of commerce and business organizations) to interact and collaborate.

Business Community: Armenian entrepreneurs and professionals living and operating in a givenĀ Diasporan community.

Central Board: Group of representatives elected or appointed by each member organization to serveĀ on the ATN board.

Executive Board: Three executives elected by the General Assembly to run the affairs of the network for a two year term.

General Assembly: Biannual gathering of the Central Board hosting three delegates appointed orelected by each member organization.

Member: Armenian chambers of commerce, bilateral business councils, or associations grouping business people in a given community.

Region: Grouping of members in a respective country or geographic region.