Welcome to the Armenian Trade Network, an association of business associations created for and managed by Armenians throughout the world. We aim to develop global business opportunities by developing and harnessing the entrepreneurial acumen of the Armenians and using the fascinating networks we have developed around the world. We hope you will be part and parcel of this fabulous story and its success in the future. Wherever you are, we invite you to be an active participant of the Hye Business Networker social network and make us your home page.


ATN aims to strengthen the centuries-old transnational Armenian trade networks by promoting linkages within the global Armenian business community. It strives to become a platform for Armenian bilateral chambers of commerce and business organizations all over the world, to exchange knowledge and experiences and implement joint cooperative initiatives. ATN will serve the global Armenian business community in general and become its voice on matters relevant to Armenia and Diaspora. It will also aim to support the economic development agenda of Armenia. ATN was established during its first founding assembly in Yerevan, Armenia, on April 29, 2011.


Looking for a trade partner? Have a business idea? Find out your Armenian trade and business leads on the other sie of the globe by sending us an inquiry through IBOS. Our member organizations will search and provide leads for your trading and business needs. IBOS will first identify contacts matching your search criteria from the membership lists of member organizations. It will then search leads from the wider Armenian business communities around the world. No matter your line of international business, or new ideas, we would like to facilitate your cooperaiton and future partnership with fellow Armenian enterpreneurs and professionals on whom you can place added trust.