Organizational Structure

The following are ATN’s organizational arrangements:

Central Board: Composed of one (1) representative from each member organization elected and/ or appointed by the same delegating organization.

Executive Board: Composed of a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, elected by the ATN general assembly for a two (2) year term by a majority vote of the Central Board based on general nominations by members and reflecting practical needs in terms of geographical proximity and management facilities.

Vice Presidents: Four (4) Vice Presidents in charge of ATN regions will be elected at the ATN general assemblies to support the activities of the Executive Board. Together with the Executive Board, the four Vice Presidents will be each in charge of: 1) Americas & Australia, 2) Armenia & C.I.S. countries, 3) Europe, 4) Middle East & Asia.

Operational Headquarters and Staff: Formal headquarters of the ATN Executive Board will be based in the country of residence of the Executive Board members, or otherwise chosen. The management team also may be drawn from the country of residence of the Executive Board members or their choice of location to serve the mandates of ATN. The team may consist of a managing director, line experts and secretaries as necessitated by the activities of the Executive Board. The management team will function under the complete supervision of the Executive Board.