Membership Application

Membership Application: Criteria & Responsibilities

Any Armenian business association or bilateral chamber of commerce, which is membership based and dedicated to private sector development at large and not focused on a single economic sector, may apply to join ATN.

All Armenian businesses around the world are deemed beneficiaries of ATN. However, membership at ATN is exclusive to Armenian business organizations and bilateral chambers of commerce from various countries.

Applying organizations should have been registered for at least two (2) years and should hold regular activities geared towards providing universal services to their members. ATN`s Central Board may grant temporary status to newly formed organizations.

Applications for membership are discussed and approved by a simple majority vote of the Central Board.

There are no limitations to memberships from a single city or country. However, it is advisable that organizations of similar aims and activities registered at a same location, try to join and apply as one entity.

Applying organizations should have at least twenty (20) Armenian members in good standing.

Applying organizations should be managed by an elected Board of Directors or an executive body composed of at least five members not related by family relations.

Applying organizations should designate one (1) member in good standing and willing to

serve on the ATN Board to represent their organization at ATN